Handcrafted jewelry in Iowa City, IA

I grew up on a farm near a small town in S E Iowa. Following high school, I moved to the "big city," (Iowa City) where I subsequently met and married my best friend and dance partner. We raised 5 exceptional children. When the youngest started kindergarten, I started as a Freshman at the University of Iowa (UI), and four years later graduated with a BS in Education. After a year of substitute teaching, I went on to a frantically busy, but fulfilling 20-year career in administration in the UI College of Medicine; followed by as many years as retiree/amateur musician.

A few years ago, I discovered the joys and challenges of silversmithing during one of our winters in Arizona, where I studied under a retired welder from Washington State.

I THOROUGHLY ENJOY tinkering with the sterling silver and copper (for the most part), and, more recently have added beads for some color and to expand my designs.

Most of my creations to date, have been gifted to family and friends, and to special health care professionals who have blessed our family with extraordinary care and kindness during my spouse's journey through serious health issues.

A number of people have encouraged me to offer my creations for sale, so I am currently transitioning from hobbyist to entrepreneur.